The project

“Milano Sanremo del gusto”: the famous gourmet-friendly cycle race

If up until now you have only associated the MILANO SANREMO to the famous single stage cycle race that takes place every spring, from now on you can think of it as a food and wine itinerary of excellence, with as many stops along the way as you wish to discover recipes, flavors, unique places and experiences to enjoy.

Looking for genius loci.

We will take you to the discovery of growers, restaurants, wineries and wine clubs, oil mills and holiday farms that have embraced our welcoming philosophy and the valorization of local wine and food specialties. We will guide you to visit venues where you will explore the identity of a place and its local culture beyond food.

A unique treasure.

From Milan all the way to the Western Riviera of Liguria, passing through the Oltrepò Pavese, the Novi plain, the Ovada area, and the Beigua Geopark, it is as one could already perceive the delicious aromas of cured meats, the flavor of the cheeses, all the nuances of our wines and, on the hills facing the sea of Liguria, the wealth of a truly unique fruit and vegetable production as well as the olive groves that yield the olive oil that everyone in the world envy us.

Growing tourism.

This is how the interregional Milano Sanremo del Gusto event was born: a project that across Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy brings together for the first time the agri-food world and that of experiential tourism, for all the expert foodies out there.

And what foodie type are you? Discover it in the “Identikit del gusto” (identikit of taste) by tracing your personalized itinerary.

Have fun with the Milano Sanremo del Gusto tour!